When it comes to firearms, customers should expect only the best training and training to fully appreciate the intensity of focus and discipline necessary to master the art of shooting.

Broz Guns instructors have many years of experience in the real world, even in combat, covering the expertise of the Special and Military Operations Forces in various law enforcement compartments.

You are a Broz Guns instructor candidate if you meet the following minimum requirements:

You also have an instructor / training coach or military / law enforcement expertise. Battle experience is a plus.

You like to work in team and enjoy sharing your knowledge to others.

You know how to manage calm situations and deal with pressure moments.

You are in good physical shape.


At Broz Guns, we strive to make the experience of every guest memorable and enjoyable. As an armourer, you will be the first contact of our clients. You will advise on the choice of firing packages and inspect all firearms to make sure they are safe and operating.

Previous experience is a plus.

The main technical responsibility of the armourer is to ensure that all firearms operate and operate safely. You will observe and perform adequate safe handling procedures for both pistols and wings.

You are a candidate for this position if you meet the following minimum qualities:

  • You have a great appreciation and respect for your firearms and you can be proud of your work.
  • You have knowledge of defects in firearms.
  • You are considered a team man and you are passionate about offering an exemplary service.
  • You are delighted with the prospect of growing and learning in a pleasant environment.

Apply now and do not forget to provide availability times.